InspirationSQRD helps you unearth your story to power your growth.  Through our programs and process we assist you in finding your most authentic self.  Using your unique voice you can connect messaging, culture, strategy, inspire teams and build engagement.  The sky truly is the limit.

Own Your Story | Change Your Life™ Program
Nine 1-on-1 sessions, guiding you through InspirationSQRD’s curated process of discovering your authentic voice and true aspirations with a focus on developing your renewed narrative and story.
Two Day Authenticity Breakthrough & Transformation
VIP Program
Two day, fast-tracked, 1-on-1 Private Coaching session that assists you in finding the thread among your wisdom, stories, values and beliefs.
FREE MICRO COURSE: Escape the Slump
Are you tired of feeling unsatisfied, uninspired or stagnant about your job? In this free micro course I will share with you a bit about my journey and what lessons I learned to help invigorate my career.


InspirationSQRD’s proven methodology draws from disciplines of organizational learning, leadership behavior, storytelling, stage performance, and transformational philosophies.

We begin with our essential multi-session coaching program that takes a deep dive into the following 5 steps.  

  1. See Your Heart & Soul Clearly
    This is where we begin the journey by taking stock of where you are today and map out where your goals, intuition and aspirations could lead you.
  1. Claim Your Unique Values & Traits
    In these two sessions, we identify your unique values and traits.  We capture inner wisdoms from your own stories.
  1. Capture the Wisdom of Your Defining Life-Stories
    In these four sessions, we go back into your rich history and tap into your life stories that truly speak your truth and define who you are.
  1. Put it All Together and Craft Your Renewed Personal Story
    In this session, we take what you have rediscovered and reclaimed in “Your Life in Stories” and begin to apply its golden nuggets to the present day.
  1. Pivot Into Your New Direction
    We work together to create your action plan using the clarity you have gained from our previous sessions.

With each session, supporting materials, customizable templates, videos, articles and other curated tools are given to you to fully support your storytelling journey.  The deliverable is a transformational breakthrough where you find that your unique story can allow you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Our Methodology


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