Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on a number of Podcasts. Here is the compilation. Enjoy!

Podcasts On Stage Presence, Executive Presence & Career Transitions

Secrets of the Self-Made

Erin Duffy a Self-Made U Alumni has followed her passion and created a wildly successful, purpose driven business. Inspiration SQRD guides mid-career professionals to define their next act.

Secrets to Powerful Stories

In this episode Erin will share with you her Secrets to Powerful Stories – 5 Essential Steps to Crafting & Telling Compelling Stories that Impact Your Audience.

Just Own It

In this episode, Erin Duffy, CEO and Founder of InspirationSQRD joins us to talk about owning your story and assessing when your story needs a pivot.

The Power of Story and Song in Your Personal Brand

Erin talks about the power of story and believes that our stories powerfully define us and are the catalyst to redefine our past. She emphasizes the power of being authentic. 

When what you never imagined turns out to be your perfect ideal

Join the conversation with Erin to learn how to become the person who embraces change and opportunity – even when you weren’t really sure why you were looking for it!


LinkedIn Live

Create your story and know your WHY with Erin Duffy. Erin will share her story and help you create and inspire others with your own purpose!


Discover the wisdom of your story and learn how it can open you up to new opportunities.

Work with me to master the art of self-discovery through your stories.