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Executive Presence Coaching

Presenting yourself on stage and on camera is essential to your success. A dynamic and captivating stage presence attracts clients, partners, and even your leadership to you.


  • Become more powerful and effective and create a strong impression on your audience
  • Project your signature personality to win hearts and minds
  • Create an intimate connection with your audience
  • Position yourself as fit for senior leadership roles

Whether it is to one person, your clients, your team, your senior leadership, or even a large event, you need to shine.

The Platinum Stage Presence,
Readiness & Delivery Program

Let us help you develop and master the essential facets of your personal brand and presence and bring it to stage and in front of the camera.

To start with we will do an initial assessment at the onset of the program. I then prepare a custom development plan specific to you, your goals, and your stage presence needs. We continue to optimize this plan throughout our journey in the following three phases of the program.

Mastering the Inner Game:

We will use special practices customized for you to connect your Inner self to your outer voice, enabling you to radiate a stronger and more genuine presence.

Winning the Outer Game:

We work on your narrative, delivery method, and tools and techniques for effective outward staging and delivery of your message.

Shining on Stage:

You will finally move into the practical steps of how to stand, what posture to have, how to look at the camera, how to speak to a live audience and connect, how to pause to emphasize and texture your narrative, and how to layer your core message and your supporting stories for delivery.

Analysis of your current stage delivery and performance needs.

Developing your unique voice and storyline — the central elements of an impactful stage presence.

Bringing it all together with detailed stage direction to grab your audience’s attention


  • Claiming your new stage vocabulary and a fresh perspective on delivery.
  • Knowing how to integrate deep reflection into your delivery so you are more confident, bringing more of yourself to the stage.
  • Feeling relaxed and grounded on stage (knowing how to stand, walk & utilize gestures) and comfortable in your body.
  • Gaining a new level of ease on stage to help you tell your message effectively.
  • Transforming your stage anxiety and perspiration to stage inspiration.
  • Increasing inner confidence knowing you are now more equipped to handle the stage.

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“If you are seeking performance coaching to help you show up with impact, I would highly recommend Erin Duffy and her Stage Performance Essentials Program.

From my initial exploratory meeting with Erin, she emphasized that the key to unlocking my unique connection with my ideal audience would be to be myself, speak as I usually would to a single client, and not ‘water-down’ my message for mass-appeal as I had been previously advised to do by others.

That was immediately liberating –yet not easy to accomplish in practice. Erin was forthright in shepherding me to remain faithful to my message, to be true to who I am, and how I serve. Today, I have clarity on the yardstick by which I will evaluate my videos: Am I showing up authentically as me?”

Dr. Kumar Ramlall

Medical Doctor, Business Consultant for Doctors and Leaders Facing Burnout

“If you want to step up your game in speaking and storytelling, Erin will help you excel.  If your goal is to be on a stage, podcasting or teaching, she can help you dramatically improve your connection to your audience. I reached out to her when I had just completed my first webinar to my tribe.  I was stiff, too slow, and really needed to work on my presentation.  I wanted to work with someone to improve. 

Given Erin’s talent on stage (have you seen her Proof Talk?) and corporate experience – I knew Erin was the one coach I would listen to and not be ‘intimidated’ by.  She is down to earth and helped me grow in the areas I needed to improve.  Her coaching helped me be on camera more. ….I really improved my game, and you definitely can too!”

Sheri’ DuMond

Founder Confident Warriors

“I loved every minute that I met with Erin as she helped me prepare for my recent TED talk. She provided so much valuable guidance as a storyteller, an actress, an experienced coach and speaker, and a pretend audience member, … She was insightful, enthusiastic, intelligent, collaborative, got my jokes, and was just absolutely wonderful to work with …!”

Rebecca Knill

VP of Wells Fargo Home Mortagage, TED Speaker

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I want to share with you 5 essential steps to crafting and telling compelling stories that capture your audience’s attention. This is an essential step in a series of actions that will enable you to command your stage with greater ease, confidence and impact.

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