Frequently asked questions.

Is this program and its sessions available virtually?

Yes. We’ve had clients reach out to us from various states and countries. We utilize Zoom Professional to provide a seamless virtual experience. InspirationSQRD uses video so it feels like we are sitting across from one another. We also have the capability of recording each session and provide you with that file following each session so you revisit your session and all its discoveries.

What happens after I complete your multi-session program?

After you are set with your action plan, InspirationSQRD offers on-going maintenance coaching, individual and group sessions, all at your own pace, providing you with the support and guidance you may require as you move forward with your plan.

Do I have to schedule each session at the same time or is it flexible?

InspirationSQRD knows how busy schedules can be for professionals, so we have built that into our offering. We will choose a date and time as our default period for our discussions, but we have flexibility to change individual session times to a mutually acceptable arrangement.

What are your rates?

To learn more about our pricing details, let us set up a no-obligation session to walk through our process and see how we might serve your needs.

How do I assure that the process will benefit me?

Take time to set up a no-obligation session to discuss your goals with us. We can share with you our process and discuss synergies. You can then decide if the program fits your needs.

May I connect with individuals who have participated in your programs?

Yes, references are available upon request.

Is there homework with your programs?

The program requires a small commitment of 2-4 hours per week outside of the sessions to read curated material and complete the exercises.

When I’ve completed a program, what are my takeaways?

Our process helps you tap into the wisdom you already possess. InspirationSQRD uses your results as a compass that points you in a desired direction; a road map of transformation. This roadmap is what you take away filled with insights and tactical actions aligned with your goals.


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