10 Apr 2019
The Power of Story Telling

Make Your Story Stand Out

You have a message, something meaningful to communicate – but so do thousands of others.  it shouldn’t be that difficult to separate your voice from the crowd. But how do we go about it? Each of us wants our voice to be heard above the crowd.  In a world saturated with similar messages and branding […]

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20 Mar 2019
In Change

So, you’re itching for change!

From time to time, we seek fresh perspective and desire a new light in our lives.   Just as sunsets lead to sunrises, we hope for another new day full of possibilities and promise.  However, sometimes it’s hard to see beyond any darkness and the unknown of what lies in store for us next.  When excitement, […]

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10 Feb 2019

How a Nice Person can be Badass

There were times when I hid my voice from the world.  My thoughts and ideas stayed bottled up and eventually were lost.  Should I say something in this meeting? Some of these people are so knowledgeable.  Will my comments sound stupid? Will I be judged? Will they value my opinion? Will I appear pushy?  Will […]

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