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Business Professionals & Leaders: How to go from stuck and stagnant to your next bold career move



Are you tired of feeling unsatisfied in your job?

Are you craving your next best career move and don’t know how to get started?

I know how you feel. I’ve been exactly where you are.

I know when you’re standing on the edge of a decision to take your career in a different direction, it can feel like a big leap. I am here to support you!

In this 20-minute video micro course, I will share with you a bit about my journey and what lessons I learned to help invigorate my career.

I will touch on the following:

  • Reflect on who you have grown to be today
  • Discover the power of knowing your Emotional Satisfaction DNA™
  • Understand the importance of claiming your unique Golden Triangle of Values, Traits and Skills
  • Learn how to own the hidden treasure trove of your Defining Life- Stories™
  • Pull it all together to create an unprecedented level of clarity and confidence in taking a step towards a bold career move.
These lessons are not only universal but are transferrable.  They can be applied by others to their career journey.  Don’t just take it from me. I have worked one-on-one with many professionals who were exactly where you are.


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Erin was a phenomenal coach for helping me determine my next chapter.  Her compassionate, insightful, and elegant mastery in guiding me out of my comfort zone helped me determine my non-negotiables.  I now believe that in order to figure out what direction you want to go, it is extremely important to dig deep and understand yourself.

– Diana K., Upper Extremity Therapist and Passionate Mentor in Patient Education

I helped them find renewed passion, excitement, and a sense of purpose.


It’s never too late if the voice inside of you is telling you you can no longer wait, now is the time. Let go of that trapeze bar. Because what you will find on the other side is infinitely more fruitful.

Consider this my gift to you. No strings attached. My desire is to support you in renewing your own professional and personal growth through the discovery of your authentic voice and true aspirations.

To Your Happiness and Success!

P.S. You will not be surprised to know that most of the lessons are not part of the traditional company career development system. They are gems often hidden from career explorers like you.

My clients have said:

“Working with Erin gave me the courage, support, and tools that I needed to find he answers I was seeking. I was able to connect the dots between what I was passionate about, what I valued, and who I really was at the core of my being.”
Shana N., IT Consultant and Business Analyst