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I help mid-career professionals make bold career moves and develop a powerful personal presence.




Don’t lose yourself in a career that no longer fits.

I’ve helped professionals like you find new levels of success and
re-ignite the spark of joy in their work and life.

Why risk losing your spark and living a life that constantly feels dull?

You can create a massive change in your career
and step into a more fulfilling, vibrant life.

With a structured plan and the right tools,
even the most dramatic career move is do-able.

Career Transition Coaching

In my work with clients looking to make bold changes, I hear over and over the same stories of barriers to change. I frankly call these the lies we tell ourselves.

Is your inner voice saying these:

  • It’s too late.
  • I’ll never find the right thing and get compensated enough for it.
  • I’ve invested too much time and energy already to make a change now.
  • I’m afraid of failing or feeling like a fraud.
  • I think changing careers is exhausting… or darn-near impossible.

So many of us falsely believe things about our circumstances and ourselves that keep us stuck in our comfort zone — but these beliefs are self-defeating. They’re stories that hold us back from pursuing the adventures that would light us up.

I help people bust through these lies, change their mental game, and show up the way they really want to in their careers and lives.

Whether you want to step up higher in your current job, or switch paths entirely, a bold career move is entirely possible.

When you show up 100% as your unique self,
you have no competition.

Get on the road to the career you want in just 10 weeks.

Making bold changes can be daunting. That’s why I create a customized, structured and personalized career transition program for each client unique to their needs and journey. When it’s time to change, you’ll have the support + tools you need.

Start making changes immediately using your structured personal program.
Set goals that will get you where you want to go — and achieve them with the help of my on going support.
See genuine progress towards the life and career you want.
At the end of your program, you’ll have a concrete goal and a clear playbook to get you there.

You won’t be timid about making a bold change when you have the right support and tools.

Career Transition Coaching

Discovery Call

Book your free 1-hour session with me where we can explore your individual or team’s needs.

Make a lasting change with
ongoing support

Have you ever sat in a program that really fired you up only to realize weeks later that you never implemented any of their changes? That’s not how this program works.

My ongoing support will be there to help you make lasting change. You’ll continue to get check ins and “hows it going?” messages to keep you on track. I don’t let you lose sight of your goal because I will be on the journey with you.

You will feel good with yourself again, have a clear vision for your future, and then together we will keep you on track.

My client’s world has gotten bigger and so can yours.


It’s never too late if the voice inside of you is telling you you can no longer wait, now is the time. Let go of that trapeze bar. Because what you will find on the other side is infinitely more fruitful.

I know modest or dramatic change is possible because I’ve been there. After a successful 25-year career in a corporate creative agency with a side career in stage performance, a few years ago I realized I’d reached a plateau with all of it.

My career had been good to me, but I had lost touch with a part of myself during that journey. I wondered, “Is this all there is?”

I made the petrifying decision to leave my job and explore the next chapter.

At the time, there was very little guidance for changing a career once you’ve hit high mark positions — so over the next few years, I dove deep into what was important to me. I forged a path forward and have never looked back.

As their career transition coach, my clients that have followed my system feel the same way too. And I have no doubt you will too. You won’t be timid about making change when you have the tools and a guide to support you along the way.

My clients have said they:

  • Feel more courageous and hopeful about their careers and personal lives.
  • They’ve started reaching out bravely in ways they haven’t before.
  • Opportunities have opened up because they’ve been showing up as their authentic selves.

Change is Scary

When You’ve Invested Years To Get To Where You Are.

There comes a point in our careers when we’ve checked all the boxes and we have what we’ve worked for.

For many of us, this is when we begin to feel stuck. The role we are in no longer fits, or our expectations have changed, but a career move feels impossible and exhausting.



Theatre and musical stage
productions performed in


Years working in Silicon Valley
with Fortune 100 companies


Irish gal, born on St. Patrick’s Day,
favorite color green (obviously)


“Erin’s coaching makes you do the deep digging where you will find some wonderful hidden treasures to clarify your way forward.  I had hit a really massive funk and my soul was slowly dying because I was overworked in so many uninspiring ways.  I wasn’t taking in those things that truly make me happy. Erin was able to find common threads that occurred throughout my experiences which shaped me and my decisions.  Her big element of working from the inside to the outside is a very unique way of exploring and has proven durable and enormously powerful for me.   I would recommend Erin to others who may have lost their way and need their fire reignited. It’s easy to fall off the path and let the days and eventually years pass you by because you are afraid to make a move. I now know my strengths, things I need to work on and have an understanding of how to live according to my values.   I clearly communicate with business partners and co-workers about my non-negotiables and things I truly value in work and life.”

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“Asking Erin to be my career and life coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my adult life. She has helped me identify my story, the major building blocks of my life, and I now better understand the why I am the way I am. There’s more. Erin is hyper-focused on my growth. She is adept on getting me to see what future actions I can take to make changes so I can realize what I want in my personal and professional life. While she and I live thousands of miles apart, I sense her right alongside of me every step along the way. Erin’s program has helped me to face adversity with ease and confidence and recognize and seize opportunity with a sense of joy and gratitude. I have experienced a gentle, yet, powerful transformation in my life working with Erin and I am deeply grateful to have been guided to choose her as my coach.”

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Take the first step towards a career change that will light you up.

The first thing we do is dive deep into your stories and create your unique plan.

Work towards your new life with clear actions, support + accountability every week.


Get ready to feel great — because you’ve changed your life for the better.

Stop the lies that keep you stuck.

Don’t buy into the lies that can bog your career down for years and sap your inspiration and joy. Break through these career myths with my free guide.