Performance Coaching

Storytelling is a powerful and effective way to create a strong impression with your audience. Take it from a stage performer, it takes a little discipline, a pinch of moxie and a strong desire to do so. To get you started, I want to share with you key steps to help you develop a great story.

and create impression by telling your own story!

I will help you to rediscover your story and transform your outcomes so you can experience your personal and professional growth.

Erin created InspirationSQRD out of a passion to make sure people find their true calling and are able to communicate it clearly and develop a personal brand and presence. It is part introspection and part storytelling. With twenty-five years’ experience as an executive in a creative agency and as a stage performer for an equal number of years, she brings a wealth of knowledge in this area. Erin offers the performance coaching package to assist individuals to tell their story effectively, command the stage and authentically bring their personal narrative forward.

The Performance Coaching Package includes:

Proof Talk analysis for stage delivery and performance elements

A personal guide on stage presence and practical steps linked to your Proof Talk

Parsing the Proof Talk script with stage direction to grab the audiences’ attention

“I loved every minute that I met with Erin as she helped me prepare for my recent TED talk. She provided so much valuable guidance as a storyteller, an actress, an experienced coach and speaker, and a pretend audience member, Everything she recommended was spot on, and based on how in synch her feedback was, I’m pretty sure she could read my mind. Constructive feedback was presented gently and diplomatically. She cared about a successful outcome as much as I did. She was insightful, enthusiastic, intelligent, collaborative, got my jokes, and was just absolutely wonderful to work with. I learned so much from Erin on so many levels. She made it easy and fun, and I will forever be grateful!”

Rebecca Knill
TED Speaker, VP of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Proof Talks are staged in front of a camera and audience. The key elements of the coaching package begin with practical steps: how to stand, what posture to have, how to look at the camera, how to speak to an audience and connect, how to pause to emphasize and texture your narrative, and how to layer the story for delivery. Most of us do not come pre-equipped with these practical elements. A coaching package can enhance the intended effect of your Proof Talk.

This type of coaching will allow you to develop comfort on stage and focus on telling your story and make your audience connect with you. Erin has coached clients in many different formats including TED talk clients on the national stage. Here is a link to her latest TED talk client, Rebecca Knill’s. Her TED Talk was featured on National Public Radio’s TED Radio Hour, and just named Editors’ picks for favorite TED Talks of 2020.

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Telling our own story is not a natural born skill. InspirationSQRD teaches leaders how to unearth their original stories and utilize them to become more engaging.


InspirationSQRD offers to create a valuable well of wisdom for leaders, executives and C-suite level professionals to draw from to truly think and lead differently.


InspirationSQRD is a believer that organizations grow when people grow and people grow most through the challenges of their real-life experiences and stories.


InspirationSQRD believes that mindful, authentic interactions are the most powerful catalyst for learning and growth – personal, professional, and organizational.

A quick taste of what you will learn with me...
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Dedicate yourself to develop a compelling story

It takes time and effort to carefully piece together a story that moves and inspires an audience. A story must be a complement to the talk or presentation you are giving and help move your audience forward towards the reaction you want them to have.

Great stories are personal. The more personal and honest your story, the more you will pull in your audience to take that journey with you.

Capture your story ideas and create an arsenal of stories

Have you ever found that some of your best ideas for stories come to you when you least expect them, i.e. on a walk with the dog, in the shower, in the car? I know I have.

As soon as you think of them, write them down or speak them into your phone’s voice memo app. Once you get back to your desk, create and continue to add those story ideas to your Story Log.

Erin Duffy - Branding Session

Essential to a good story: Write it down!

So often I hear my clients say “Can’t I just tell my stories from memory? Must I write them down?” My answer is: Always write them down!

  • Writing your stories down is the first step in creating the rich, compelling fabric that you hope inspires and moves your audience to act.
  • When you deliver your story off the cuff, without thinking it through and fleshing it out, you can run into the danger zone of getting off the subject, not remembering the main reason you are telling the story, and worse, creating tangents in the story that takes your audience off track

A simple method for composing your story

Now that we’ve established the importance of writing down your stories, let me tell you how to do it.

I always tell my clients when you are ready to develop your story, the first thing you do is write your initial draft without stopping yourself, questioning yourself or editing yourself. Just write. Let your creative juices flow and have fun with it.


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