Stage Performance Coaching

Storytelling is a powerful and effective way to create a strong impression with your audience. Successful business professionals know how to deliver a strong message that creates an intimate connection with their audience convincing them of the value of what they offer. You can do this either on stage or on camera. Take it from me, a stage performer and a business executive, with a little discipline, following a few golden rules and practical steps, you too can shine on stage. Become more effective, command the stage, and deliver a strong message amplifying your personal presence and brand through this powerful coaching program.
To get you started, I want to share with you 5 essential steps to crafting and telling compelling stories that capture your audience's attention. This is an essential step in a series of actions that will enable you to command your stage with greater ease, confidence and impact.

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"Effective organization, design, staging and delivery of your message is a must to inspire listeners and viewers to become leads and ultimately paid clients."

Presenting yourself on stage and on camera is an essential requirement today to attract clients to your business. I can help put you on the path towards a more impactful, rich, and well-connected stage presence. If you are curious about how you can quickly up your presence on camera and on stage, feel free to set up a free 1-hour session with me where we can explore your needs. Let’s up your game and get you on the road quickly. Book your session today.

The Stage Performance Coaching Package includes:

Analysis of your current stage delivery and performance elements.

A personal guide on stage presence and practical steps linked to your presentation or talk.

Parsing your script with stage direction to grab the audiences’ attention

Your talk or presentation is staged in front of a camera or for a live audience. This could be intended for your social media, web series, courses, or any other communications essential for broadcasting your message to capture your audience’s attention. The first steps of the coaching package include reviewing and designing your narrative. We then insert important stories in your narrative to create intimacy and connection with your audience.

Then comes practical steps: how to stand, what posture to have, how to look at the camera, how to speak to an audience and connect, how to pause to emphasize and texture your narrative, and how to layer the story for delivery. Most of us do not come pre-equipped with these practical elements. A coaching package can enhance the intended effect of your presentation or talk. This type of coaching will allow you to develop comfort on stage and focus on telling your story and inspiring your audience to connect with you.


When you feel uncomfortable on stage, physical or virtual, you project uncertainty and diminish your presence. You lose the power of your own voice. You dilute the impact of your message. You lose the opportunity to attract your audience. You miss the opportunity to nurture them into prospects and clients. Let’s get you started on mastering this essential facet of your personal brand. Book a time with me so we can explore your needs on how to be more effective on stage and camera.